People of Ballsharts

The staff, the family, friends, customers and the assholes.


Ballsharts Worker

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Wife of Nate, Mother to Davey and Lou.  Awesome Person.


Adult Son of Nate and Jenny.  Awesome Person.  


Teen Daughter of Nate and Jenny.  Awesome Person.

Corinne Kunty

Daily Pain in Ass at The Ballsharts Store

Igor Ballsh

CEO Ballsharts Inc.

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Velma Steele

CEO Ballshizza/EVP/asshole

Tom butte

CEO Ballshairy/EVP/asshole

Betty Paul-Ashel

CEO Ballshastics/EVP/asshole

Orsin Flipschitz

CEO Ballshugar/EVP/asshole

Dewy Ballsh

CEO Ballshidgits/EVP/asshole

Son and Heir of Igor Ballsh

Cadence Whooley

CEO Ballshaper/EVP/asshole

Rudolph Hilter

CEO Ballshrugs/EVP/asshole

Eugene Hedges

CEO Ballsharms/EVP/asshole

EVP #BallshDeep

Raymond Drudge

CEO Ballshields/EVP/asshole

DC Gaines

CEO Ballshanks/CFO Ballsharts/EVP/asshole


Ballsharts Worker


Patron of the Knobley Bits

Clocky McTellsthetime

Patron of the Knobley Bits

Cameron Abner

Ballsharts Worker


Patron of the Knobley Bits. Follow on Twitter @sec35287857

Donatello haboob

USA Head Scientist